What To Expect Regarding Title IX Infractions

At The Price Law Firm, our attorneys are committed to helping clients who are the subject of a Title IX complaint. In a nutshell, Title IX involves sex-discrimination as well as dating violence and harassment. If schools do not adequately address and remedy apparent violations of Title IX, they could be at risk of losing their federal funding.

If you are accused of committing a Title IX violation, you need to be aware that the school is not on your side. Colleges and universities have their own Title IX guidelines that are hardly ever followed. Students are often considered guilty from the moment the complaint is filed.

Colleges and universities are under a lot of pressure from the federal government to resolve Title IX complaints as quickly as possible. This often leads to poorly conducted investigations and unfair results, usually at the expense of the accused person.

Make Sure You Have A Strong Advocate By Your Side

Due process does not apply to Title IX violations, even though the ramifications of being found guilty can be life-changing. You may be informed of the initial accusations, but more accusations can arise through the course of the investigation without you being notified.

It is important to have someone by your side to help guide you through this difficult and frequently unfair process. The Price Law Firm can help keep these investigations fair and to help you organize your version of events so that you are treated fairly.

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