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Heading to a sporting event? Avoid dog bites with these tips

Spring is approaching, and with so many outdoor activities about to take place, one thing you might be concerned about are dog bites. Overall, dogs are wonderful animals that participate in life as companion animals to adults and children alike. If you suffer an attack by one or have a fear of these animals, though, you are not alone. In fact, dogs do cause serious harm if they attack.

As a young mother who takes her children to many sporting activities, knowing that people bring their pets can put you on edge. Here are a few tips to help you prevent bites and facts about what happens if you or your child suffers an injury at the game.

Preventing dog bites on the field

One of the best ways to make sure no dogs attack a child or person in the audience is to guarantee that any that come to the game are on a leash. Even the best-behaved dog get excited by a fast-moving ball, and that can mean a bite while he or she is trying to play and get the toy.

When it's time to sit in the audience, keep an eye on the animals at the game. If one seems agitated, don't be afraid to suggest that it waits in a different location or that the owner makes sure it's leashed. Don't approach any strange animals unless the owner gives permission.

Bringing a puppy or cute dog to a game might seem like a fun idea, but kids move quickly and scare animals. Teach your children to slow down and to approach dogs by letting them approach first. That way, the animal does not feel threatened by the child's sudden movements.

Oh no! The dog bit!

If a dog bites and breaks skin, it's important to seek out medical attention right away. The owner of that pet is held to strict liability, meaning that he or she will need to cover your medical expenses. To care for the bite until help arrives, place a clean towel or shirt over the wound to stop the bleeding. Most coaches have first-aid kits at the games that will have the right tools for this.

Keep the injury above the head, if possible, so the bleeding slows. If the wound i s wide and deep, try to wash it out while you wait for help. The coaches should have alcohol wipes and liquids, as well as other kinds of anti-bacterial treatments on hand. Many also have butterfly Band-Aids, which work like stitches temporarily.

It's important for the owner or others to secure the animal. Knowing its vaccination records prevents you from having to seek out rabies shots and other treatments yourself. The dog will go into quarantine or have an assessment on its temperament after the attack. If you speak with your attorney, he or she can help you understand your options for compensation after the attack.

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