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Share the road safely with massive commercial trucks

Most people don't think twice about sharing the road with vehicles much larger than their own. South Carolina traffic laws have commercial trucks, passenger vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles sharing the same streets. Most of the time, there's no issue with this setup. Sometimes, however, tragedy strikes and a collision between vehicles of substantially different sizes takes place.

When a vehicle hits a bike or motorcycle, the person on the two-wheeled transportation often incurs the majority of risk for injury or death. The same is true of people in passenger vehicles that collide with commercial trucks. In 2016, about 97 percent of fatalities in these scenarios involve those in the smaller vehicles, not the professional driving the commercial truck.

To keep yourself safer, you should educate yourself about the most common causes of truck crashes to help you avoid them. You should also learn the mechanics of how trucks move and drive,to make it easier to stay safe if you must drive in close proximity to them. It's important to take steps to stay safer when sharing the road with substantially larger vehicles.

Watch out for their massive blind spots and wide turns

The size, weight and overall design of commercial tractor-trailers means that they handle and maneuver in a manner quite different from passenger vehicles. They have huge blind spots that the driver will struggle to monitor on either side of the trailer. There are also blind spots immediately in front of the cab and behind the trailer. Avoiding these no-go areas as much as possible is always in your best interest.

When you stop by a truck at an intersection, be sure to leave adequate space between your vehicles. If the truck signals indicate an upcoming turn, you may want to stay farther back from the intersection than you usually would. That gives them space to make a wide turn and reduce the likelihood of your car getting hit during the turn.

Always remain aware of nearby vehicles

It's easy to tune out the world around you while you're driving in traffic. You may start to focus only on the road immediately ahead of you. Doing so could leave you unable to quickly respond to traffic issues as they occur. While focusing on the road ahead is important, you should also occasionally check the lanes on either side of you, as well as the road behind you.

Failing to notice a truck coming up from behind could leave you in a very dangerous situation. You might merge too closely to the vehicle and cut them off. Since these trucks take longer than passenger vehicles to slow down and speed up, the driver may not have space or time to prevent a rear-end collision.

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