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Lawyers Near Me in Greenville SC: Price Law Firm, P.A. Team

Price Law Firm

Some attorneys rarely set foot in a courthouse to litigate their clients’ cases. At Price Law Firm PA, our 4th generation lawyers in Greenville SC have followed a different approach. E. Powers Price and her brother James H. Price IV follow a long line of “Price Law Firm” attorneys who aggressively litigate their clients’ cases in upstate SC.

Beginning with James Hardy Price in 1906, an attorney from Price Law Firm has built confidence in our Price lawyer’s namesake. At that time, the City of Greenville SC had about 12,000 total people in it. That meant that private attorneys had to be generalists to make a living, handling both civil law and criminal law cases.

The first James Price became well known internationally after successfully defending Chicago Black Sox star player, Shoeless Joe Jackson (who was from Pickens County in the Palmetto State). Joe had been banned from baseball and was facing criminal charges. After being banned from baseball, Joe Jackson prospered in Greenville SC, after clearing up his legal issues.

The Second James H. Price Later Became a SC Circuit Court Judge

Next, James H. Price, Jr., first served in the U.S. Navy and was a graduate of the University of South Carolina Law School. Known by his nickname, Jim, he began his private law practice in Greenville SC in 1939, 33 years after his father started practicing law.

During World War II, like millions of others, he enlisted in the United States Navy in early 1942. His naval unit was based on the west coast, where the US Military command expected the Japanese to eventually attack the United States.

Jim Price married in 1944 and he and his wife, Celeste Rogers Price, moved back to Greenville in 1946, after the War. The son of the first James H. Price litigated civil and criminal cases, including appeals to the 4th Circuit federal appeals court.

In 1961, was later named to be one of South Carolina’s highest trial-level judges as a SC Circuit Court Judge in the Greenville Circuit. Before his death on September 5, 1981, Judge Jim Price became famous statewide for having helped modernize and streamline court efficiency procedures for all Circuit Courts in the State of South Carolina, during his tenure, including to help start family court.

Judge James Hardy Price Jr. was Chip Price's father. This obituary tribute to him and his legal career was in The Greenville News, in September of 1981.

The 3rd James Hardy Price Became a Successful Civil Case and Criminal Law Litigator

In 1949, James H. Price III, better known by his nickname, “Chip” Price, was born. Like his father, he attended and graduated from the University of South Carolina School of law, and began his law practice in Greenville SC in 1975, following in his father’s footsteps. His father had become a Judge when Chip was 11 years old.

Defending driving under the influence cases was Chip’s bailiwick. Before his untimely death in October of 2020, Chip Price had built a stellar reputation for handling complex criminal litigation (felony or misdemeanor) and many varied civil law topics. As a personal injury attorney, as a car accident lawyer for the innocent driver, he became widely known for “carrying a big stick,’ meaning that if the insurer did not pay, he filed suit and took that client’s claim to trial.

In the last 50 years, the bulk of criminal defense practice has moved from personal crimes (e.g., murder, rape, armed robbery) to many more motor vehicle crimes (DUI, reckless driving, hit and run SC) and to defending many more federal prosecution cases.

James H. Price III, better known as Chip Price, was a Greenville SC litigation attorney for over 43 years. The late Chip Price was known statewide for his aggressive litigation style.

When it came to DUI in South Carolina, no other criminal attorneys in Spartanburg, Greenville or Anderson SC were more successful defending prosecutions for DUI in SC than Chip Price. In his career, he was the successful defense lawyer in thousands of clients’ cases seeking to avoid DUI convictions and the related jail time that would have followed, if convicted of drunk driving.

The current practice areas of Price Law Firm include auto accident cases, being a family law attorney for domestic violence criminal cases and civil divorce matters. In addition, Title IX federal discrimination cases against educational institutions that engage in discriminatory practices are handled by James H. Price IV.

Passing the Trial Baton to James Hardy Price IV and E. Powers Price

After starting their respective careers in private practice, James H. Price IV and his sister Powers Price took government jobs to “learn the ropes” about that side of law practice. James was a prosecutor, while Powers was a public defender, and both were in Greenville County.

After learning about criminal defense in misdemeanor and felony trials, Power soon decided to join her dad in private practice. James remained a prosecutor for a few more years, and then joined Price Law Firm, PA. Today, the pair of criminal defense lawyers near me in the upstate area of South Carolina has brought vast legal experience to bear for their clients.

Price Law Firm covers all counties along the Interstate 85 corridor, between the Georgia line and NC state line.

The three Price Lawyers were helping clients as personal injury lawyers, when an injured client needed an accident lawyer to be the aggressive injury attorney fighting with an insurance defense lawyer. Along the way, Chip Price handled some workers compensation claims, which also involved fighting attorneys for insurance companies.

Going back to the days of the first James Price, each Price legal firm also has had reliable family lawyers nearby, in upstate SC. Today, our two divorce attorneys near me in the 10-couty area near Greenville County (along the Interstate 85 corridor) pursue family law cases for their civil clients.

Chip and his daughter, E. Powers Price, DUI lawyer Greenville SC, were the criminal attorneys near me who handled a criminal law appeal about an implied consent driver’s license issue on a DUI charge to the South Carolina Supreme Court in 2019.

As in Most Aspects of Life, The Fighters Obtain the Best Deals

The cases handled by Price Law Firm are virtually 100% litigation cases for both civil court cases. This litigation practice includes personal injury law, mostly as plaintiff’s car accident attorneys that involve trucking, motorcycle, pedestrian or possibly bicycle accidents.

In addition, our firm handles divorce litigation, and family law matters in helping with divorces in SC. Plus, continuing along the long line of criminal defense lawyers, we handle hundreds of criminal defense cases (including DUI in South Carolina, domestic violence, drug offenses, sex offenses, and theft offenses like shoplifting).

Photo from 2018 of the late Chip Price at their office in Greenville SC, with Powers Price and her brother James H. Price IV.

Fewer than 20% of law firms in Greenville SC can claim to be so focused on litigation-oriented cases as our attorneys. Many of the other firms handle legal matters like real estate, interpreting tax laws, bankruptcy, drafting wills and other documents for estate planning, drawing up wills, or pursuing employment law claims.

Our legal team provides consultations, whether you need a criminal defense attorney or a civil lawyer for a civil injury case (or a wrongful death action). Call our office at 864-271-3535 and shift your stressful legal case over to our shoulders to help you find your best solution.

Client Reviews

Chip Price has been my attorney and friend for 35 years. When the City of Greenville informed me that they were going to condemn my place of business for the preceding 50 plus years I hired Chip and his partner to fight...

Billy M.

I am beyond thankful for the representation of Mr. Price. He stood by my side from the beginning and handled all my legal affairs with care. He paid attention to detail and attention to what was important to me. I never...

Jade C.

I’d like to briefly share with you my experience working with Mr. Chip Price and his team. Poor choices had resulted in serious legal repercussions. I was facing drug charges that had significant prison time. I was...

Joshua O.

I recently hired the Price Law Firm for a complex litigation. Despite battling an unethical and ruthless adversary, Chip and James Price prevailed in our case. Their work was impeccable. They repeatedly went the extra...

Steven K., M.D.

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