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Help your teenager avoid these common car accidents

If you have a new driver in the house, you are probably already familiar with that aching worry that comes every time your teenager backs out of the driveway. While getting a drivers' license is a right of passage for almost every teenager in Greenville and across the country, it is also a very dangerous time in a young person's life.

As a parent, you want to do everything possible to keep your child safe. When it comes to protecting you teenager while he or she is behind the wheel, the best thing you can do is to practice and teach safe driving habits. In addition, you can talk to your child about the common causes of car accidents and how to avoid becoming involved in one.

What Defenses May Be Available For Crimes Committed In South Carolina?

blog-post-image.jpgBeing charged with a crime is a serious matter but it's important to remember - an allegation is not yet a guilty verdict. But allegations can turn into being found guilty. And the risk is greater if you're unprepared and not working closely with a professional attorney knowledgeable and experienced in the defense types to criminal charges.

Why do teenagers get in trouble with the law?

When teenagers and even those in their early 20s commit serious crimes, they can completely change the course of their lives. One mistake could derail a promising future, a college degree and a career.

So why do they do it? That's the first question parents often ask when finding out that their child has been arrested. The specific answers differ from case to case, of course, but there are some notable trends. A few reasons young people turn to crime include:

Spinal cord injuries are possible in major motor vehicle crashes

Modern motor vehicles allow people to commute an hour or more into work. They help us maintain freedom and independence. However, that freedom comes with a cost. Every time you get into a vehicle, whether you were driving or not, there is always the risk of injury or even death. After all, you are hurtling down the road at dozens of miles an hour in a box made of metal and glass.

There are countless reasons that people end up in crashes. Sometimes, issues related to defective parts can cause a crash. Other times, driver negligence or poor decision-making can cause a collision. Choosing to drive while feeling exhausted or after drinking could mean serious consequences for that person and anyone he or she encounters on the road.

Share the road safely with massive commercial trucks

Most people don't think twice about sharing the road with vehicles much larger than their own. South Carolina traffic laws have commercial trucks, passenger vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles sharing the same streets. Most of the time, there's no issue with this setup. Sometimes, however, tragedy strikes and a collision between vehicles of substantially different sizes takes place.

When a vehicle hits a bike or motorcycle, the person on the two-wheeled transportation often incurs the majority of risk for injury or death. The same is true of people in passenger vehicles that collide with commercial trucks. In 2016, about 97 percent of fatalities in these scenarios involve those in the smaller vehicles, not the professional driving the commercial truck.

Did the police have reasonable suspicion to stop you for a DUI?

Imagine driving home after enjoying your usual end-of-the-work-week Friday Happy Hour when a Greenville police officer pulls you over only a few blocks from your destination. As the officer approaches your vehicle, you go over in your mind what you were doing just before you saw the lights in your rearview mirror. You were not speeding, your tags are current and you were not swerving. Why did the police officer stop you? Did he have reasonable cause?

In general, police officers must have a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity in order to stop you. Of course, a crime may be as simple as going a few miles over the speed limit or riding with a tail light out. However, without a legitimate reason for suspicion of criminal activity, anything that takes place during the traffic the stop could be a violation of your rights.

Drowsy drivers can cause crashes that leave you severely injured

There's a certain level of risk involved any time you get into a motor vehicle, whether you're driving or riding as a passenger. Certain factors can increase that risk. Inclement weather, for example, could make it more likely for you to experience a crash and sustain serious injuries. Decisions by you or another driver can create additional risk on the road.

Most people understand that alcohol, street drugs and even prescribed medication can increase the risk of a crash. Thanks, in part, to awareness campaigns and new laws, more people now understand that distracted driving can lead to crashes. There's a third factor that can increase your risk of a crash, and it is exhaustion or fatigue. So-called drowsy drivers can be as dangerous as drunk drivers in some situations.

Bringing medical marijuana to South Carolina is a federal offense

Most people turn to medical marijuana as a last resort. Some of the people who use marijuana for debilitating conditions may have tried and not responded to traditional therapies or medications. For those with degenerative muscular or neurological conditions, such as ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease), as well as those with intractable epilepsy or aggressive cancers, marijuana may very well be their last medical option.

While this banned substance isn't the panacea some people claim it to be, there are thousands of cases of people who successfully suppress seizures, shrink tumors and delay worsening symptoms through the continual use of medical marijuana. For those who suffer from these conditions or care for a loved one or child, marijuana can provide hope when Western medicine has failed them.

Brain injuries from car crashes can have lifelong consequences

Sometimes, in the wake of a vehicular collision, the people involved can no longer even get themselves out of the car. Considering how common spinal cord injuries and broken bones are after a crash, it's no wonder that people without any serious, visible injuries feel thankful.

Many people experience a surge of adrenaline after a motor vehicle accident that can leave them feeling no pain for a while. Combine that with the often delayed onset of symptoms associated with traumatic brain injuries and you have the potential for a serious injury to end up overlooked in the aftermath of a crash.

Embezzlement - defined

In South Carolina, along with every other state in the U.S., embezzlement is a serious charge. In most cases, it applies to someone who committed theft or larceny. Furthermore, the person that commits embezzlement is usually an individual who had some sort of position or authority to safeguard the money, property or other assets stolen. For example, a cashier that pockets a few cents during every transaction is embezzling from the store he or she works for.

In most cases, embezzlement occurs in employment and corporate environments. Sometimes the embezzlement can be so extreme that it causes a business to fail. For instance, if an accountant is embezzling from a company, then this person can alter the books to hide the theft, sometimes for very long periods of time. For more information on embezzlement, read further.

  • AV- Peer Review Rated
  • South Carolina Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • South Carolina Bar
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