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E.Powers & James Powers

Ms. E. Powers Price and her brother, James H. Price, IV are both skilled at criminal defense. She started her law career at Price Law Firm while simultaneously working as a high-volume public defender in Greenville, SC. James was associated with the 13th Circuit Solicitor’s Office covering Greenville County and Pickens County.

Later, once trial experience was obtained, both joined their father’s law office full time, and benefitted from his four-plus decades of litigation experience. Unfortunately, their father, Chip Price, passed away in 2020. But the two 4th generation Price lawyers have picked up the mantel and continued Chip’s aggressive and passionate representation of clients of the law firm.

The attorneys at Price Law Firm have defended everything from sexting to child porn to rape and statutory rape cases. Even a high-speed traffic citation is not a minor criminal charge for some clients, especially those with a North Carolina or Virginia driver’s license.

Our criminal defense attorneys have substantial experience in criminal law. The attorneys at Price Law Firm have defended everything from sexting to child porn, rape cases as well as statutory rape charges. DUI, reckless driving SC, or other serious traffic citations are not minor criminal charges for many of the potential clients that call our litigation team. Bringing prior training as a public defender and as a state prosecutor, this diverse experience enables our lawyers to effectively represent clients across the spectrum of criminal charges, including:

Marijuana and Other Drug Crimes: State and federal drug crimes carry significant consequences. This is particularly true if a client has a prior record for drug convictions or the alleged drugs involved have significant weight. Until marijuana legalization occurs, federal marijuana laws and state laws call for potentially devastating jail sentences. Defending against drug crimes requires substantial knowledge of search and seizure law, a tenacious criminal defense trial lawyer, and one that is familiar with all alternative sentencing options if the client is convicted.

DUI Offenses: A conviction on a drunk driving charge under South Carolina DUI laws can lead to higher insurance premiums, a loss of driving privileges, fines, jail time, and more. South Carolina DUI laws are intricate, and it is very important to hire a lawyer who is knowledgeable. Speak with one of our experienced DUI lawyers for information on your court and its propensity to allow for a reduction of charges. Our legal team can review every relevant detail and provide you with assertive legal representation aimed at protecting your future.

Sex Crimes and Offenses: With a prison sentence likely if convicted, the South Carolina criminal defense lawyer for sex crime charges you select is highly important. Plus, a conviction means a sex offender registration and the stigma that such a conviction for a sex offense would bring.

Many crimes in South Carolina carry harsh, potential state prison terms. Thus, delaying in retaining legal counsel is a mistake. Never talk to police who are investigating a crime without your criminal lawyer at your side. Most clients do not know the law, and think that their admissions and statements cannot be used against them.

This would be recorded not only in Greenville County criminal records but also in national, federal sex offender registry records. The stakes are high, and you need representation from a lawyer who understands the special nuances and challenges of defending clients facing sex crime charges.

Domestic Violence: A domestic violence conviction can have an adverse impact on where you live, your job, your right to bear arms, and more. Tell us your story and let us provide the criminal defense strategy best suited to your unique circumstances. When visible injuries exist, you need an domestic violence lawyer to assert self-defense or another affirmative defense.

Logo for the Price Law Firm, featuring award-winning SC criminal law attorneys starting in 1906, making over 115 years of criminal defense expertise. Free legal consultation on any misdemeanor or felony DUI arrest or other criminal law case accused under federal or state criminal laws

Federal Charges: The federal government has vast resources to prosecute crimes. Our lawyers draw on decades of experience in federal court to provide exceptional representation in defending against federal charges.

White Collar Crimes: Financial fraud and other forms of white-collar crime in SC are high-stake matters. You need the assistance of a lawyer with the experience and financial acumen to craft an effective defense strategy.

Wire Fraud: Financial crimes involving wire fraud, which could involve telemarketing schemes or “phishing” emails, frequently end up in federal court. Our attorneys understand what it takes to answer and defend these types of charges.

Conspiracy: Allegations involving multiple people might lead to conspiracy charges. People found to be part of a conspiracy can be punished for actions they had no direct involvement with which is especially true in federal court. This makes effective legal representation even more crucial.

Assault and Battery: Violent offenses, including assault and battery, are serious matters. Self-defense or determining who is the primary aggressor is often an issue. The depth and breadth of your lawyer’s criminal defense experience will be critical to your future in such high-stakes cases.

Traffic Ticket and Speeding Ticket Defense: Most people don’t think to search for criminal law attorneys for their traffic tickets, but that is exactly who you need. For some, a serious traffic crime like hit and run, reckless driving, and DUI can devastate a successful person’s career. Traffic offense are not able to be expunged in South Carolina which can have a lasting impact on your life.

Call today to speak with our South Carolina criminal lawyers who appear in courts all over upstate South Carolina. Contact us at (864) 271-3535 if you are being investigated or have been charged with any of the offenses below:

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Chip Price has been my attorney and friend for 35 years. When the City of Greenville informed me that they were going to condemn my place of business for the preceding 50 plus years I hired Chip and his partner to fight...

Billy M.

I am beyond thankful for the representation of Mr. Price. He stood by my side from the beginning and handled all my legal affairs with care. He paid attention to detail and attention to what was important to me. I never...

Jade C.

I’d like to briefly share with you my experience working with Mr. Chip Price and his team. Poor choices had resulted in serious legal repercussions. I was facing drug charges that had significant prison time. I was...

Joshua O.

I recently hired the Price Law Firm for a complex litigation. Despite battling an unethical and ruthless adversary, Chip and James Price prevailed in our case. Their work was impeccable. They repeatedly went the extra...

Steven K., M.D.

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