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America is in crisis in 2022, due to lack of sufficient federal investigators and agents to ferret out people committing tax fraud, identity theft, credit card fraud and other computer crimes. Hence, securities fraud and insider trading, like Martha Stewart’s case (and many others) occur daily. Shocking numbers of cases for identity theft and other computer crimes have arisen in the past decade.

Federal crimes attorney E. Powers Price and James Hardy Price IV appear in federal court regularly to defend clients accusd of a white collar crime like embezzlement, wiretapping, tax fraud and Ponzi schemes.

Bernie Madoff set the world record for financial damage by running a Ponzi scheme of some of America’s wealthiest individuals, trust funds and families. The shame from that debacle led to one son’s suicide and Madoff spending his last days behind bars prior to dying in 2021.

Many physicians and medical practitioners are being accused of Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Audits of a medical provider’s billing of the federal government can start a lengthy and painful investigation and (possibly) a prosecution. Any use of fraud for profit, when federal entities are in any way involved could lead to federal charges.

When the federal government gets involved in a criminal investigation, the playing field is far different from that found in South Carolina state courts. Loosely defined as follows, federal prosecutions target these federal crimes:

Identity theft via falsifying documents or computer deceit, false claims and/or statements on official paperwork, to any federal entity or agency.

Violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, such as when European Banks allow money laundering of drug cartel money, or South Carolina Congressman John Jenrette accepting a bribe.

Federal Bank fraud, via multiple different methods.

Money laundering from drug trade or other clandestine criminal activities that generate too much currency.

Embezzlement from a federal bank or credit union, or any other agency or branch of the federal government.

Operating a Ponzi scheme (named after legendary Italian con man Charles Ponzi), which entails duping investors to put in their money and falsifying records to appear profitable and successful for earlier investors.

Illegal Credit card usage that amounts to fraud.

Federal securities fraud, including insider trading and federal conspiracy charges.

Tax evasion or fraud on any federal returns or applications for a refund.

Environmental law crimes: Environmental crimes or environmental offenses that violate laws (e.g., wetlands protection) or require federal cleanup at taxpayer dollars.

Acts of corporate fraud (e.g., false advertising) that affect the prices paid for shares when the information given is false.

Insurance fraud, such as filing a claim with an insurance company for fire loss after arson burned down a dwelling or business, or faking a death of a person to claim the life insurance.

Medicare fraud or Medicaid fraud committed by medical professionals and their staff members.

Mortgage fraud, by falsifying property value to get a larger loan and then defaulting or using a straw buyer through a real estate agent, and then making a false statement about property value to get a bloated loan.

False claims and incorrect statements and verification when federal contracting or funding are implicated.

Bribery and illegal payments to government officials. Bribery of public officials or making illegal payments (kickback) payouts to government officials or contractors.

Unfair trade practices that involve federal contracts or monies.

The feds expend a great deal of effort and resources in investigating and prosecuting federal crimes. If you are facing a federal indictment, the knowledge and experience of your lawyer can make a substantial difference in the outcome of your case.

Highly Experienced Federal Criminal Defense With a Team Approach

What is a white-collar crime? The federal definition is straightforward: “any violation of law committed through non-violent means, involving lies, omissions, deceit, misrepresentation, or violation of a position of trust, by an individual or organization for personal or organizational benefit.”

E. Powers Price and James Hardy Price IV are Greenville SC federal crimes attorneys who handle federal drug cases, tax fraud, embezzlement, and other financial wrongdoing.

The rules, procedures and guidelines that apply in federal court can take years to fully appreciate. Federal criminal attorneys E. Powers Price and James H. Price IV bring their experience working for their late father, Chip Price (1949-2020) to bear in defending those accused of white collar crimes.

At the Price Law Firm, our white-collar crime lawyers draw on that experience and combine that with our team approach to provide strategic criminal defense representation in federal court regarding complex cases. The Price name has been part of a Greenville, SC law office for over a century.

The internet age has led to many credit card theft schemes, wire fraud and conspiracy to defraud cases. Theft of personal information has opened a wide door for criminal activity. Use of a social security number, tax returns, credit card information, or falsifying a loan application at any federally insured bank can lead to federal charges.

Our criminal law attorney will sit down with you to discuss your unique case circumstances and provide you and your family with straightforward answers to your questions about available defenses and explain about navigating federal sentencing guidelines.

Unlike some criminal lawyers nearby, do not expect to hear false promises about a predicted outcome, unless it is the truth. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers are committed to telling our clients what each person needs to do, not do and be able to know what to expect at every stage of the legal proceedings.

Price Law Firm is a federal law service with our attorneys appearing in federal court to represent our clients and fight for your freedom.

When you work with the legal team at the Price Law Group, you can rest assured that we will pursue every angle possible to obtain the most favorable outcome possible. While Price and Price attorneys have substantial experience in criminal defense, our Greenville natives do not rest on our past accomplishments. Our legal professionals are driven to working hard in each case to provide the highest quality representation to protect the rights of our clients.

Many federal charges carry mandatory minimum sentences under the federal sentencing guidelines — especially when drugs are involved. In these “high stakes” matters, it is critical for you to have representation from a lawyer with deep knowledge of the law and the resources to provide a strategic criminal defense.

When to Retain a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

Often when federal officials investigate, the target of the federal inquiry may become aware of the investigation or probe due to agents seizing computers and records. A federal wire fraud investigation, for instance, may include a request for turnover of documents.

Greenville SC law office of Price Law Firm, whose family has been continuously practicing law since 1906.

Do not WAIT for an indictment to be handed down. You need representation by a skilled criminal defense lawyer to protect your legal rights. Never talk to authorities until you have a criminal lawyer by your side.

Call today for a lawyer consultation. Dial (864) 271-3535 to speak with one of our lawyers near me on criminal charges.

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