Statutory Rape

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When you are accused of a crime, particularly one that involves violence or sexual assault, it is one of the most stressful and desperate times in your life. You do not know what is happening, you are not sure where to turn and you never know what is going to happen next.

The partners at Price Law Group are local criminal justice attorneys who will work with you to make this experience a less stressful. With expert defense lawyers and proven courtroom skills in winning cases involving statutory rape accusations or sexual assault allegations, every possible defense will be asserted. With the looming consequences of a potential harsh prison sentence and a crippling criminal history from such allegations, you know that you must fight the sex crime case.

Aggressive Defense That is Adjusted to Not Alienate SC Jurors

Our support team and lawyers near me will make sure that you understand every step in the process, and let you know what you can expect to happen. James H. Price IV will defend you aggressively, and make sure that your freedom, your livelihood, your reputation, and your mental health are never sacrificed along the way

Price Law has successfully defended many people accused of sex crimes. Our skilled sex offense defense team is well versed in the intricacies and nuances of South Carolina laws when it comes to presenting your case.

Upstate South Carolina has some of the best criminal lawyers in the Palmetto state.

Often the State’s key witness will initially have the sympathy of the jury. It takes some diplomacy and delicacy to challenge your accuser in court. The objective is to create “reasonable doubt” without coming across as demeaning or confrontational.

Our Greenville criminal lawyers have the experience needed to cross-examine and question both the law enforcement witnesses who investigated, and the complaining witness. The objective is to bring doubt to the Prosecutor’s case without damaging our client’s credibility.

Preparing Our Client for Court in South Carolina: Making Sure That You are Ready

In addition to making sure that your case is ready to be heard, we will spend time preparing you for your appearance in the courtroom. This does not mean that you must testify. The Government has the burden of proof, not the Defense.

Everything you do and say in and around the courtroom is important. How you dress, and your body language and your demeanor are vitally important. If you do testify, being circumspect with the words you use when responding to questions and the tone of your delivery are vitally important. When you are not in front of the jury, you must be aware that you are still the center of attention.

Our defense legal team will make sure that you understand how to behave, speak, and even gesture (when pointing to exhibits) in the courtroom. The entire presentation must be reviewed prior to court appearances, so that our presentation successfully supports your defense in the sex case.

Trust Our Lawyers Near Me to Be on Your Side Throughout the Litigation

When Price & Price attorneys accept you on as a client, you are not just assigned a case number and dealt with in a standardized way. Taking the time to get to know each of our clients individually is a critical step for your assigned criminal law attorney to understand your defense.

The Price Law Firm partner overseeing your defense will treat you and your case with the level of concern and attention that is needed to “communicate” the defense’s righteous indignation that the prosecutor has overcharged this criminal case.

A Proven Track Record of Success in the Palmetto State

James and E. Powers Price cut their teeth in criminal law courts before joining their father, Chip Price, at Price Law Firm. The confidence that you have given to our law team by trusting us to take care of your potentially life-changing legal matter for you is a point or pride for our Firm. We will take that trust very seriously and strive for a great outcome on your behalf.

Experience in Criminal Litigation Since Graduating Law School

A conviction in a statutory rape case (or other sex-related felony crime) carries with it a range of societal and criminal law consequences. The resolution of your case will affect the judgment of your peers, friends, colleagues, and family. The specter of being put on the sex offender registry for life, regardless of where you reside in the future will impact the quality of the rest of your life.

This is not the kind of case that you can risk leaving to an inexperienced criminal law attorney or junior legal advocate. Take advantage of our years of building successful defenses in these sex cases and give yourself the best chance of proving your innocence.

For 115 years, the name James Hardy Price has been synonymous with fighting court cases in Greenville and other cities in the great state of South Carolina. Now more than ever our team at Price & Price Attorneys is dedicated to aggressively defending our clients who are facing prosecution in SC criminal law courts. Unlike some “office” lawyers, 95% of our clients’ cases involve either civil litigation (like personal injury or workers comp claims) or criminal defense cases. Very few law firms near me in the Greenville SC area can make that claim.

If you have been accused of a crime, make sure that the people you choose to defend you know what they are doing. Make sure that you choose Price Law: we have been arguing cases in front of judges and juries for generations – it’s in our blood.

Contact the Lawyers Near Me That Don’t Back Away From a Fight

The late James H. Price III, with son, James H. Price IV and daughter, E. Powers Price, in 2018. Through tenacious legal representation, the reputation of Price Law has grown to its current level for aggressive criminal defense legal services.

Our two lead attorneys, James Hardy Price IV, and E. Powers Price have over two decades of courtroom experience across the state of South Carolina – in addition to which they both learned from and (before his passing in 2020) worked with their father James Hardy Price III, also known as Chip Price, the legendary trial lawyer.

Above all, it is our mission as lawyers nearby (and our promise to you) is that your Price and Price attorneys will always offer straightforward legal advice and provide loyal, aggressive legal representation. Isn’t that what you want from your legal warriors?

Call now to speak with our lawyers near me in Upstate SC, and receive your consultation lawyer phone call, virtual meeting or in person consult with our South Carolina lawyers. Contact us at (864) 271-3535.

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