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Criminal Defense

Few Greenville County SC criminal attorneys are in law firms featuring litigation attorneys focused on criminal law near me in South Carolina. Plus, our two criminal attorneys Greenville SC are just as comfortable in federal court criminal cases as in state criminal law courts.

In fact, because Price Law Firm has had criminal lawyers in Greenville SC practicing since 1906, our partners are often called upon to handle cases in adjacent counties, especially Anderson County and Spartanburg County, South Carolina.

CALL TODAY TO GET YOUR PRICE LAWYER CONSULTATION. We are the Upstate SC criminal and civil lawyers near me that you want to help you with DUI charges or any other arrest in the upstate part of South Carolina.

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So, if you need DUI defense assistance, we can be that Anderson SC or Spartanburg criminal defense attorney that finds a great solution to a very tough case, and help you negotiate a possible license suspension. Our lawyers near me, criminal or civil, are top rated for our case results.

These are our Top 10 criminal defense law practice areas:

  1. Fighting DUI laws and the related driver license suspension issues with all driving under the influence cases in the Palmetto State. Retain one of our criminal defense attorneys near me for your defense.
Price Law Firm criminal defense lawyers can help you get your SC driver's license out of suspension.
  1. Assault and battery crimes, which often come to us as domestic violence SC cases, where assault or battery have occurred.
  2. Sex crimes case (criminal sexual conduct) for which a sex crimes lawyer is needed to defend against felony accusations.
  3. Defense of drug possession, drug trafficking, drug manufacturing and drug distribution cases, federal or state
  4. Controlled substances violations where a medical professional is being prosecuted for irregularities with prescription drugs (usually narcotics and pain killers).
  5. Common law robbery, shoplifting and armed robbery charges.
Price Law Firm in Greenville SC is a criminal defense legal office.
  1. Gun charges, such as a felon being in possession of a firearm, or other state and federal gun transport or sale crimes
  2. Expungement of prior convictions to remove these from your criminal record.
  3. Handling sex offender registry legal issues for those living in South Carolina or moving here from another state
  4. Probation violation hearings for those who are accused of violating probation guidelines.

Ms. Powers Price, criminal defense lawyer South Carolina for over a decade was the 2020 President of the Greenville Bar Association. Her brother, James H. Price IV, is an ex-prosecutor in Greenville County and is familiar with all aspects of the Solicitor’s Office, due to this prior employment.

James Hardy Price IV and E, Powers Price are native South Carolinians who practice law just like their father Chip Price, longtime SC criminal defense lawyer.

Our lawyers near me in Greenville, South Carolina also are skilled at obtaining outstanding results in all 9 upstate SC counties. In summary, our two legal professionals are among the best lawyers in Greenville SC and are equally skilled as criminal defense lawyers.

Plus, we are also well-known as divorce lawyers and for personal injury litigation where we are fighting insurance companies that do not want to pay a grieving family a fair settlement after a fatal crash in a large truck crash. Litigation is the backbone of our law practice, which is why our criminal law attorneys get great offers from prosecutors.

Price Law Firm in upstate South Carolina has criminal defense lawyers with years of litigation experience.

Federal and State Criminal Lawyers in SC Upstate Counties

Our partners were trained by their late father, James H. (Chip) Price, III, who passed away in 2020. Chip’s theory was that SC lawyers in a medium sized city needed to be able to pursue personal injury cases (which are civil cases), as well as defend criminal cases in both federal and state courts.

Because the rules of procedure allow certain corporate businesses to “remove” a civil case from state jurisdiction and place it in federal court. In addition, in some felony drug cases, and white- collar crime cases, the feds can take jurisdiction and prosecute federally, especially trafficking cases crossing state lines.

Not all South Carolina law offices have litigators who thrive in both state and federal criminal courts. In considering whom to retain for your criminal defense lawyer near me, think about the fourth generation lawyers at Price Law Group. Try to find any other nearby litigation teams of criminal lawyers South Carolina with roots back to 1906.

SC criminal lawyers Powers Price and James Hardy Price learned tough litigation skills from their father Chip Price.

Yet, after an arrest in upstate SC or when facing an investigation or pending formal criminal charges can be an overwhelming experience. Finding dozens of names of criminal lawyers in Greenville, SC, you are baffled about whom to call. Similarly, our criminal law professionals routinely cover criminal arrests in Spartanburg County, too.

Your goal is to locate and hire the best criminal defense attorney in Greenville, SC. This desire for top representation applies to both state crimes and federal criminal charges.

Criminal defense lawyers Powers Price and her brother James Hardy Price IV  have years of litigation experience.

If you know that trouble is coming in the form of criminal matters, you want to retain a lawyer in Greenville South Carolina as early as possible. Not all law firms in Greenville, SC handle criminal defense cases. To learn about our legal services for criminal cases give us a call to schedule your lawyer consultation.

Those who have never been arrested before will ask far more questions than those who have been through the criminal justice system. Our attorneys in Greenville SC will spend whatever time is needed to discuss various aspects of your criminal offense either at our law office near me, by virtual call, or on the telephone.

At our law office, our criminal defense team of Greenville SC lawyers represents people with one goal in mind: to do all possible things to win your case and keep public records free of a serious criminal conviction. From the time your case is docketed with the clerk of court, our legal professionals will be diligently attacking the States’ evidence against you.

If a potential client has a prior conviction, our South Carolina attorneys will emphasize that cases in General Sessions court are the more serious state criminal law charges. So, if a prior felony exists on your record, the stakes will likely be much higher, when defending the current case. Details win cases and filing targeted motions to seek the exclusion of harmful evidence will be part of our criminal case strategy.

Price Law Firm Historic Greenville SC.

Call today to speak with our litigation attorneys near me in the upstate counties of South Carolina. You can visit our criminal law offices near me or we can talk with you by virtual call or telephone conversation.

Obtain your consultation lawyer phone call, or a virtual meeting or an “in person” consult with our South Carolina lawyers. Contact us at (864) 271-3535.

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Chip Price has been my attorney and friend for 35 years. When the City of Greenville informed me that they were going to condemn my place of business for the preceding 50 plus years I hired Chip and his partner to fight...

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I am beyond thankful for the representation of Mr. Price. He stood by my side from the beginning and handled all my legal affairs with care. He paid attention to detail and attention to what was important to me. I never...

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I’d like to briefly share with you my experience working with Mr. Chip Price and his team. Poor choices had resulted in serious legal repercussions. I was facing drug charges that had significant prison time. I was...

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I recently hired the Price Law Firm for a complex litigation. Despite battling an unethical and ruthless adversary, Chip and James Price prevailed in our case. Their work was impeccable. They repeatedly went the extra...

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