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Losing a close family member due to the negligent acts of another is always challenging. While the family is left struggling to find answers to what happened, important steps to protect key evidence need to be taken.

Once police reopen an accident scene and weather conditions change the street markings and skid marks, key, visible evidence can be lost, and your accidental death attorney (and the experts he or she hires) need to capture the same evidence. Only law firms near me who have a longstanding wrongful death law practice will have these experts on their cell phones and office desk “speed dial.”

When a person, a company (or both) are responsible for causing the death, due to provable negligence, South Carolina laws (under SC Code 15 51 10) permit a legal remedy for close family members, called a wrongful death lawsuit. It might be better named an “unlawful death lawsuit.” Suing for wrongful death is how relatives collect compensation in wrongful death lawsuits.

Reconstructing the accident is vital in learning what happened and who was responsible for your loss. With the advent of drones and sophisticated crash scene measuring devices, car accidents can be reconstructed, to later show a jury in a courtroom. This article focuses on the critical value of retaining a wrongful death attorney near me to start this all-important evidence collection process.

How Your Accidental Death Lawyer Utilizes Police Evidence for Your Unlawful Death Suit

Law enforcement agencies will typically open an investigation after a car accident. The breadth and depth of that injury case investigation, however, may vary depending on the nature of the crash and the extent of the injuries involved. Fatalities and those with serious bodily injury may be called in for the MAIT State Patrol Team.

After a fatal accident or major truck accident, the South Carolina Highway Patrol may send out the Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team (MAIT) to reconstruct a complicated accident scene using hi-tech analysis systems. At Price Law Firm in Greenville, South Carolina, our law firm partners take a team approach to analyzing the evidence, supplementing the record, and preparing a wrongful death case for trial from day one to build a position of strength.

Car Wreck deaths wrongful death lawyer Greenville sc

Plus, due to the many Interstate highways in Spartanburg County, our lawyers have been tapped as the Spartanburg wrongful death lawyer on many occasions over the past century. Many have involved negligent truck drivers.

When passenger vehicles tangle with tractor-trailers, these truck accident cases against trucking companies are much more likely to end in one or more deaths in the smaller vehicle. So, if you need a truck accident wrongful death lawyer, the truck accident attorneys at Price Law Firm are there for you.

Since 1910, Price Law Firm has had firm members acting as a wrongful death attorney South Carolina. It is one of the best-known wrongful death Greenville SC legal teams. Our accidental death lawyers near me have their phones answered 24 hours a day, in case just such a need for a wrongful death lawsuit attorney arises and needs investigation.

Damages in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against a Hospital or Doctor

The loss of a family member is a source of tremendous grief. Dealing with legal issues during this difficult time may seem overwhelming. The complexity and difficulty level for such cases calls for the skills of a medical malpractice wrongful death attorney who can go toe-to-toe with malpractice insurance company defense lawyers.

Our proven wrongful death attorneys, (by teaming up with skilled legal team support players like accident reconstruction specialists), take on the most difficult legal battles to help our clients through their difficult time. When you arrange an in-person meeting or virtual conference with the Price Law Firm, you will meet our legal services team.

Our team approach allows us to view your story from a variety of perspectives. We draw on our diverse backgrounds to craft the best legal strategies to achieve results. Our commitment to open communication every step of the way will allow you to make informed decisions in moving forward.

In South Carolina, families (through a surviving family member) may be able to seek justice on behalf of a loved one in two types of claims. A wrongful death claim allows family members to recover damages for the loss of a loved one, including loss of future earnings of the family member and other expenses.

The estate of a fatal accident victim (through a personal representative) may be able to bring a survival action. These are separate civil claims that seek to hold wrongdoers accountable for the conscious pain and suffering, medical expenses, and the mental distress that the decedent experienced before death occurred.

SC courtroom for wrongful death trials defense Powers Price and James Price

Such survival actions (authorized under SC Code 15 5 90) allow the deceased’s estate to pursue court claims which the now-deceased person could have litigated during her or his lifetime, before the person expired. Survival actions include any claim or claims against “at-fault” parties where the damages being sought (e.g., pain and suffering) occurred during his or her life.

Although not the law in all states, wrongful death action under Code 15-51-10 or Section 15-5-90 survival action settlements require court approval, under SC Code 15-51-41.

Our Greenville SC Wrongful Death Lawsuit Lawyers are Ready to Serve You

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