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Divorce Attorney Spartanburg SC: Lawyers in Spartanburg SC

At Price Law Firm, PA, our family law attorneys in upstate SC (including acting as your divorce lawyers in Spartanburg, SC) understand the difficulty of locating an attorney with whom you feel comfortable sharing private, personal family matters with. Furthermore, our two divorce lawyers also understand that pursuing divorce, child custody, or financial support issues is a difficult and stressful process.

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In about 5% of our clients’ cases, the person we undertake representation for comes to us with a domestic violence (DV) issue. Since our SC law firm also is skilled in criminal defense, we are able to navigate the necessary court procedures associated with family violence in South Carolina, whether for the victim or for the person being accused of DV.

Furthermore, both law partners are also aware of multi-jurisdictional issues that may arise in South Carolina divorce cases due to clients migrating to SC from North Carolina or Georgia. Our family lawyers in Spartanburg County provide the expertise to help make these venue and jurisdictional determinations easier to understand so that you can be confident that the case is being managed properly.

How Our Family Lawyers in Spartanburg, South Carolina Approach a Case

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At the Price Firm, our family law attorneys in Spartanburg are committed to providing individualized legal services to each of our clients. Our litigation professionals comprehend the importance of fully investigating and understanding our clients’ needs (during the legal battle) in order to provide them with the best outcome for their family law case.

Our Spartanburg family law firm covers a variety of South Carolina family and divorce law areas, such as marital agreements, divorce, property division, alimony, spousal support, child support, and child custody. Contact Powers Price or her brother James H. Price IV, to get legal help.

Whether you have been married for five years and have no children or married for twenty and have many kids at varying ages, our family law lawyers in Spartanburg will outline your case to develop the best outcome available for your circumstances.

James H. Price IV

The rules for being eligible to file for divorce in South Carolina are more restrictive that Georgia’s laws. But South Carolina laws are not a conservative and antiquated as North Carolina’s laws.

Like many legal topics, when it comes to divorce actions, each state’s legislative body writes the laws for that State or Commonwealth. Fittingly, South Carolina laws on divorce and separation must be referenced in dealing with every aspect of a marriage’s dissolution.

What is a No-fault Divorce in SC? In South Carolina, divorcing couples have the option of filing for a no-fault divorce or at-fault divorce. For a no-fault divorce, one must demonstrate that the marriage has broken down for some reason and cannot be saved. The two people must live separate lives (at different addresses) continuously for at least one (1) year before the divorce case can be finalized. This rule is strictly enforced by family law judges in SC.

What grounds for Divorce apply to At-Fault Divorce Cases? Alternatively, an at-fault divorce requires proof of one of the following: adultery, physical cruelty, desertion, habitual drunkenness, or habitual drug use. Unlike the State of GA, a pattern of mental cruelty or verbal abuse are not legal grounds for divorce in South Carolina.

How Long Will It Take to Finalize the Divorce in South Carolina?

Price Law Firm partners, E. Powers Price and James Hardy Price IV. Lawyers in Greenville SC that adeptly handle domestic violence cases, divorce, child support, child custody, separation, alimony and for upstate SC clients in a Nine-county area.

In Spartanburg, South Carolina, couples who are getting divorced and have minor children must attend mediation, a process of negotiation between two parties to avoid going to court. This is a legal requirement, and couples must discuss property division, alimony, and financial support for children. Even if an agreement can’t be reached, the case will be brought to court and the judge will make the final decision.

Mediation offers a private and cost-effective alternative to litigation that can help you and your spouse to quickly resolve sensitive issues. With the support of lawyers and the mediator, it is likely that the court will approve the terms of the divorce, allowing you to move on with your lives sooner than if you had gone to court.

In South Carolina Family Court, the length of time a divorce takes can be anywhere from three months (90 days, for an at-fault divorce) to more than a year. Some cases are a breeze to handle, but other are a nightmare.

The delay depends on five (5) factors:

(a) following the process of filing for of the divorce paperwork and paying the filing fee;

(b) setting forth the reason(s) for the divorce (either an at-fault or no-fault proceeding);

(c) whether it will be a contested or uncontested divorce;

(d) the availability of a time slot for that County’s family court schedule; and

(e) who the parties’ lawyers are, in light of some legal practitioners being easier or harder to work with. For example, if all agree to which parent is paying child support, and how much, then most other issues get settled (e.g., visitation schedules).

No-Cost Initial Consultation: Ask Your Questions and Get Legal Help

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No one wants calls and family law attorney if things are going great, but sometimes making the call is a necessity. Divorce proceedings often will be a highly emotional time in anyone’s life.

Many couples seek to keep their costs manageable during this process and seek out cost-effective attorneys in Greenville. Our attorneys near me can provide this legal service and can also go to battle for fully contested family law services in Spartanburg, Greenville, Anderson, and the nearby surrounding counties along the I-85 corridor.

Call today to speak with our divorce attorneys near me in Upstate SC. Dial our number at 864-271-3535. You will receive an initial consultation lawyer phone call, virtual meeting or in person consult with one of our South Carolina family lawyers.

Contact us now at 864-271-3535. Our family law attorneys near me can provide limited or fully contested family law litigation services in all counties near or around Greenville County, along the I-85 corridor between the Georgia line and the NC state line.

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I am beyond thankful for the representation of Mr. Price. He stood by my side from the beginning and handled all my legal affairs with care. He paid attention to detail and attention to what was important to me. I never...

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I recently hired the Price Law Firm for a complex litigation. Despite battling an unethical and ruthless adversary, Chip and James Price prevailed in our case. Their work was impeccable. They repeatedly went the extra...

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