What is DUAC vs DUI. When pulled over by police for a South Carolina DUI, many accused citizens are confused by seeing an abbreviation on their traffic citation paperwork for “DUAC” on their arrest paperwork. This page answers the common question, “What is the legal alcohol limit in South Carolina?”

More about the alcohol laws South Carolina. Drunk driving defense lawyers nationwide understand this difference as DUI per se vs DUI. The applicable SC code section is 56-5-2933.

D.U.A.C. is the South Carolina acronym for DUI per se, or “D.U.I. by being over the legal limit.” The reality is that DUAC South Carolina is a type of drunk driving that requires no proof that the driver is too impaired to drive safely, because the post-arrest forensic test has a “number” that is over the legal limit.

Each state in the USA controls the rules for establishing the legal blood alcohol limit for anyone driving within their state. Under alcohol laws in SC, the adult age legal alcohol limit in SC is 0.08 grams percent. This legal alcohol limit South Carolina is the same as all other US states, except Utah, which lowered its adult BAC limit to 0.05 grams % a couple of years ago.

DUAC is the name given to a DUI per se in South Carolina. You can be convicted of a DUAC even if the cops never collected samples from a chemical test.

Complying with SC liquor laws. In the Palmetto State, a driver can be charged with both a SC DUI and DUAC South Carolina. Such double charges mean that the officer has also seen (and obtained via videotaped) other circumstantial evidence of alcohol impairment (usually from field sobriety tests, the detained driver’s speech patterns, and possibly from balance issues).

Under the State’s implied consent laws, found in SC Code Section 56-5-2950 (2021), those who refuse testing will suffer a harsher administrative driver license suspension. By calling DUI attorneys near me immediately after arrest, you can protect your ability to drive which is better than waiting until your right of appeal expires. The driving laws controlling implied consent in South Carolina can be read here.

In SC, How Much can You Drink and Drive?

Seeing these three different standards, the first rule is that a CMV driver should not have any alcohol at all in his or her system. If a portable breath alcohol test shows any alcohol, that 18-wheeler is then put under a 24-hour hold, before that operator can continue her or his trip!

In SC how much can you drink and still drive legally? For an adult over 21 that BAC limit is 0.08 grams percent.

For minors, under age 21, an average 180-pound male can top the 0.02 gr. % level with the equivalent of 1 standard 12-ounce beer. An average 100-pound female would show the same number with only half a beer in her system.

How many drinks to get drunk calculator. For other adults, the “ballpark” chart below can let you estimate your blood alcohol content. For a more precise chart, use this link for more extensive male and female BAC charts and this link for an interactive, online BAC calculator.

DataMaster DMT is the State’s Alcohol Level Calculator, for Breath Alcohol Tests. In addition, that arresting officer has also later obtained a post-arrest implied consent test on an official Datamaster breathalyzer nearby in SC or by way of blood tests tested at SLED that revealed the high BAC level.

The Datamaster DMT Device is used by South Carolina law officers tro collect a breath sample from a driver arrested for DUI.

To prove DUAC at trial, the Prosecutor needs only to get the “test results” admitted and convince the jurors that the testing device was operated properly and functioning properly to win that case. Top-rated, local DUI lawyers in SC know how to challenge DataMaster results, by use of an expert witness, in many upstate SC cases.

Legal drinking age in South Carolina. SC state laws pertaining to possession of and consumption of alcoholic beverages were altered in 1984. The federal “age 21 and over” law was enacted by the United States Congress in the Minimum Legal Drinking Age Act in 1984. Any commercial vehicle operator, however, is held to a stricter, national standard of having a 0.04 grams percent BAC level when operating a big rig or other CMV (commercial motor vehicle).

Those who are under the legal drinking age in SC (which is 21 years of age) are held to a much stricter BAC standard of 0.02 grams percent. Additionally, that underage DUI driver can be arrested for underage possession of alcohol if a container (opened or not) is in his or her possession.

What does S.L.E.D. stand for in South Carolina? This is the State’s highest legal law enforcement agency, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. Like the GBI in Georgia (the Georgia Bureau of Investigation), this agency trains police and also handles forensic science analyses.

Greenville SC DUI lawyers James Hardy Price IV and E. Powers Price are successful DUAC criminal defense attorneys with Price Law Firm.

In criminal cases pending within South Carolina, the DataMaster DMT is the only device approved to perform the State’s chemical testing by use of a forensic measuring device. While the State of SC uses this brand of equipment, the nearby states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee do not.

When it comes time to go to a trial, the Solicitor must elect one type of DUI or the other, when pursuing the trial against this driver. Our sister states of Georgia and North Carolina allow the jury to hear evidence of BOTH types of cases, in considering guilt or innocence, which increases the likelihood of a conviction.

Price Law Firm partners, E. Powers Price and James Hardy Price IV. Lawyers in Greenville SC that adeptly handle domestic violence cases, divorce, child support, child custody, separation, alimony and for upstate SC clients in a Nine-county area.

If accused of DUAC SC, should you plead guilty to a DUI? No, you should not. In many first offense DUI cases, a skilled alcohol offenses lawyer can obtain a reduction of charges for such cases. Depending on whether a proper basis for the pullover existed, and other legal issues, even a 2nd DUI or third offense DUI can also be challenged in court.

DUI Attorney Greenville SC Provides BAC Calculator Information

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Link to DUI jail time and other DUI penalties in South Carolina.

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