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Criminal Lawyers Near Me for DUI Charges in South Carolina

Most of our clients have a DUI first Offense SC. These violations of South Carolina DUI laws are the most manageable driving under the influence of alcohol charges for our South Carolina DUI lawyers to have the DUI dropped to lesser charges.

SC DUI lawyers near me James Hardy IV and E, Powers Price offer consultations so you can tell us exactly what happened and what criminal charges you face.

South Carolina DUI penalties: Predictably, any felony DUI SC charges are the most difficult for our DUI defense team (for any third offense DUI within 10 years). SC drinking and driving laws have changed in the last decade, and punishments have been ramped up to require much more serious incarceration maximums.

How often are DUI charges reduced? For first time offenders represented by our legal team, most of the time, unless aggravating circumstances exist in the case. Such adverse circumstances might result from bad conduct by our client toward the arresting officer.

A South Carolina first offense DUI can get reduced to a lesser offense with the help of The Price Law Firm in Greenville SC.

Alternatively, for those with a subsequent offense, after getting a prior DUI reduced, pushback is common. The same applies to clients’ cases in which a post-arrest test of breath or blood of 0.15 BAC grams percent or higher is obtained, or if the client caused an accident that resulted in great bodily injury or death to another person, or if the SC DUI case is one involving impaired driving with a minor in the car.

Can Your DUI Defense Law Firm Get the DUI Dropped for a Reckless Driving Charge?

Yes, when no outrageous facts may prevent a negotiated deal on a DUI Greenville SC, or in surrounding areas. Every case is 100% unique, so no global predictions of success could be made without delving into the case facts.

Price Law Firm litigating for over 100 years is a criminal defense law firm in Greenville SC.

Most only want to consult with “DUI attorney near me consultation,” which is smart, since the best criminal law attorneys in SC give DUI lawyer consultations. Our legal professionals have about 25 years of experience in drunk driving defense and enjoy discussing South Carolina law with those who are not trained in legal matters.

Before our arrival, our late father, James H. (Chip) Price amassed 45 years of DUI defense as a Greenville DUI attorney, and we both worked with him on hundreds of DUI in South Carolina cases.

In their search for information about legal fees, quite a few people arrested for DUI in South Carolina will conduct online searches for terms like:

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Price Law Firm Lawyers Started in 1906, in Greenville SC

Price Law Firm partner Powers Price was formerly a public defender. She is the great granddaughter of the first James Hardy Price, who began law practice in 1906. In handling appointed indigent defense cases, she was able to get to know all the court prosecutors during those years of working for the government.

The other partner, James H. Price IV, was an assistant solicitor for several years, and worked with some of the same people who still work for the solicitor’s offices in upstate SC. Few other DUI law firms near me in upstate South Carolina can claim to have better connections to those who make the decisions on DUI case reductions.

Two generations of Price lawyers carry on a 100 year old tradition iof providing legal services.

The goal of our 4th generation Greenville DUI lawyers is to obtain a resolution that “fits” the evidence (or lack of evidence) collected by the arresting officer. Outcomes will vary depending on the evidence gathered by police on video and from his or her observations, as noted in the police reports.

A South Carolina DUI attorney must have three things to be able to predictably secure a reckless driving vs DUI disposition:

  1. A client for which a prosecutor can see good reason to give that 1st offender a break. In some cases, clients know to not attempt the voluntary field sobriety tests, like the agility exercises and the so-called HGN eye test.
  2. Case facts that do not have highly negative factors like a very high BAC level, children riding in the vehicle, an accident or egregious behavior toward police personnel.
  3. A decent relationship of trust between your DUI attorney South Carolina and the assigned prosecutor (the assistant Solicitor for that client’s courtroom).
Upstate South Carolina is home to Price Law Firm, a criminal defense law firm in Greenville.

SC DUI penalties, if convicted. The most harmful of South Carolina DUI penalties for convictions in DUI cases in the Palmetto State, the lifetime criminal record created by such convictions is the most serious penalty.

Temporary problems like license suspension of the offender’s driver’s license, any fees paid (lawyer cost), higher car insurance costs, possible embarrassment for having an ignition interlock device for several months pale by comparison to the lifetime cost of a DUI, if convicted. When people try to calculate how much a DUI costs over ten years, they fall short of the true DUI penalty period, which is a criminal record for that driver’s lifetime.

What Happens After a DUI Arrest, Under SC DUI Laws?

Does your license get suspended for DUI? Yes, if convicted of drunk driving or drugged driving. If our legal team can obtain a reduction of the DUI to reckless driving, adult age drivers can keep driving, if she or he has no prior reckless driving convictions.

As mentioned earlier in this article, new South Carolina DUI laws brought drastically higher punishment schemes. If no other part of this article led you to contact one of our DUI attorney Greenville SC professionals, seeing the penalties for DUI in SC will.

South Carolina DUI Laws First Offense: A SC DUI 1st offense carries the lowest penalties of all DUI in SC charges. Any offender must complete the ADSAP program, to get his or her driver’s license restored.

How much is the DUI fine SC? On a first offense, this amount can be a fine of as much as $400.00 ($992.00 with assessments & additional surcharges).

On a DUI Second Offense SC, how much is that fine amount? The sentencing judge decides, but it will range from between $2,100.00 to $5,100.00, plus that person must serve from five (5) days up to as much as one (1) year jail in custody, along with having a one-year driver license suspension.

South Carolina DUI Laws 3rd Offense Jail Time: A SC third DUI offense (when the offender’s BAC content from post arrest testing was between 0.08 grams % to 0.10 grams percent will create a minimum jail sentence requirement of sixty (60) days to as much as a the maximum three (3) year state prison sentence.

If that 3rd offender has a BAC content of 0.10 gr. % up to 0.16 grams percent, this higher blood alcohol level will result in a mandatory jail sentence of ninety (90) days, and an increased maximum prison term of four (4) years. A third offense with a BAC of 0.16 grams % or higher causes a minimum state prison term of six (6) months and going as high as a maximum sentence of five (5) years.

Lawyer Consultation: Call Today to Obtain No-Cost Legal Advice About Avoiding a DUI Conviction

Price Law Firm office is located in downtown Greenville SC.

Don’t risk a lifetime conviction or your freedom and ability to drive on a DUI arrest in SC.  Especially with any repeat offense DUI charge in South Carolina, you need aggressive criminal lawyers near me.

For your consultation, call at (864) 271-3535 today to speak with E. Powers Price or James H. Price IV at their law office in downtown Greenville, South Carolina, near the Courthouse. Our experienced South Carolina criminal defense attorneys nearby are fully equipped to defend your case, even if it goes to the South Carolina Supreme Court.

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I recently hired the Price Law Firm for a complex litigation. Despite battling an unethical and ruthless adversary, Chip and James Price prevailed in our case. Their work was impeccable. They repeatedly went the extra...

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